Curated Resources

We get calls

Almost every week The Foundation receives inquiries about how we can work with a business that has products or services that might benefit schools, districts, departments, agencies or organizations. But we're cautious. We aren't simply going to blast a logo and a link on our site in return for a donation.

Rather, we look at the products. The services. The company. And their hearts. Are they doing good too? So these are our "Curated Resources." Products or services that really can make a difference in a school or organization. Offered by companies that are committed to providing not just products or services, but real world solutions to real world problems. Each of our Curated Resource companies have been invited. And we've had time with the executives.

We invite you to look at each of these and if fits, let them know where you heard about them.

Griffin Logistics

The TRAMEDIC™ line of trauma kits was developed to bring life-saving treatments to the lowest level responder possible.

SchoolSAFE Communications

What if the school personnel, principal, administrator, security staff, and others could talk directly to the responders during an emergency?

The Tresit Group

Whether you are in an incident or responding to an emergency, notify, communicate and respond on any device.